I’m married!

The wedding went fantastically, and yesterday was our one month anniversary. We just moved into our new house, so my life is still busy busy busy. But I want to write a long blog about the whole event. Maybe I will once I get pictures from the photographer. Until then, here are a couple shots my friend Kim took.


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Stuff my mom sent me

Here is a compilations of the things my mom has sent me via email:

Suggestion for ceremony music:

Music that is played BEFORE the processional of bridesmaids and Bride – Read this – great info. Your prelude not only entertains guests as they arrive, it sets the tone for your wedding. Think about choosing a few pieces that convey a mood that matches the style of your ceremony. If traditional classical music seems insincere, go with your instinct and program music close to your heart.
Preludes usually begin 20 minutes before the planned start of the ceremony, but we usually will have thirty minutes prepared in case the wedding does not begin on time.

Recommendations: Handel’s “Air, from Water Music”; Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” or “Sheep May Safely Graze”; Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.”

1. The mothers of the bride and groom are seated after all guests are seated, mother of the bride is seated last, and immediately before the start of the processional music. They are usually escorted to their seats by a brother of the bride or groom, (Patrick) or by another usher.
2. After they are seated, the officiate (pastor), groom and best man enter by a side door (or yard – in your case) and wait at the altar.
3. Then comes the Bridesmaid (Jess)
4. Then the Ring bearer and/or flower girl (Julia)
5. Then the Maid or Matron of Honor (Sami)
6. When the attendants are in their place, the music changes to announce the Bride.
7. Then the bride enters, escorted by her father.*
8. The Maid of Honor holds Brides Flowers and helps father lift up her veil from her face.
9. Father gives away Bride, helps lift up her veil, gives her a kiss, shakes the Groom’s hand and then father goes to his seat and the Groom escorts the Bride to Altar.
10. Music fades out and the Minister begins. (Do you want the minister to ask “Who gives this woman away?” IF SO, then he would ask that before Dad goes to his seat. Dad would answer, “Her mother and I do” – he would lift your veil – give you a kiss, shake John’s hand and head to his seat. Then John would take your hand and lead you up to where you’ll stand for the ceremony.**
11. Then the minister greets the guests and begins the ceremony.

* Will have to add a 7.5 to the list where mother ties ribbon around roses that were added as I walked down the isle.
** Will have to see what the booklet outlining the ceremony the pastor gave us says

RECESSIONAL: (Leaving the wedding ceremony) The Wedding March can be played during the recessional.
1. Bride and groom leave first – then Flower girl – then Maid of honor and best man – then bridesmaid with groomsman.
2. Then parents leave – bride’s mother escorted out first – with father.
3. Then the groom’s parents are escorted out.
4. Then other guests are excused, front-most rows first, through the back rows.

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Cake & Favors

——————— CAKE ———————

For reference on the design, click here.

We had an example cake made up so we could taste the filling/etc and see how the cake designer/maker handled my complicated design. She did ok, but I can see what she may have meant by “I may not be able to do it justice.”

Its probably more the frosting then the cake though…I wish there was a way we could have something more fluid, but solid that we could pipe out on something flat, lift it up, and stick it on the cake somehow. She tried a couple different things in the center of the heart. I like the 1st one better.

John’s mom was visiting when we got it, and she said it was a little dry. That didn’t stop her from eating half of it! Seriously, the woman ate half of the cake. It was crazy. Not in one sitting mind you, but she was only here for a week.

——————— FAVORS ———————

We got M&Ms with our names and the date printed on them, put them in a little tin, and wrapped the whole thing with ribbon. My mom & dad helped me fill all the containers and it was so funny watching my dad SO CAREFULLY make sure that each tin had 40 M&Ms. ❤

Now all I have to do is figure out if I want to attach these to it, and then if I do…how?!

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Wedding Dress

This is the final dress. It ended up being a different one from any of the others I’ve previously posted. Of course. lol. John, you are not allowed to read after this.


Here are the shoes I’m going to wear. It was hilarious because I looked and looked and looked for white closed toe shoes, and couldn’t find ANYTHING. Then I looked in this kind of ghetto store and found these for $20. WIN! And they’re very comfy.

Ok, dress time!



These pics were taken by the tailor during the dress fitting. That’s what the line down at the bottom is. It won’t be there for the wedding. And they’re crappy camera phone pics, so sorry about that.

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I’m a little torn about what to do about the guestbook.  At first, I was just going to use the book that I bought for my college show from Target.  But since we’re just going to have about 25 people, that would be pretty lame.  What, are we going to have 25 names?  How is that a keepsake?  So I’ve been looking around for some other ideas.

On Little Jenny C’s wedding site, she posted about having a mat framed with room for their favorite wedding photo placed inside it.  I LOVE THIS IDEA!

And Regina posted about the guestbook she had at her wedding, which I think is awesome.  It has a place for people to draw something above their message/names.  I just don’t know if my guests would actually do that…

I’ll probably end up going with the first one, but the second one would be pretty great.

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My Wedding Invitations

As posted in my To-Do List entry, here are the details on my wedding invitations:

I originally wanted to use double sided pink scrapbooking paper, but I couldn’t find any, so I went with this instead. It’s two sheets of paper glued together. Bonus: they were only 15 cents a sheet! Can you believe that? Score! The info and the little inserts (directions, rsvp, and registry info) are printed on cardstock, and I only needed one steet per invitation.

Normally I don’t like all my text centered, but it just seemed right for this. I don’t know if it’s because it was for an invitation or what, but…

The little circle you see on the tip of the envelope flap is a silver floral sticker.  And that’s them!  I blurred out the important info so you can’t stalk me, lol.  What do you think?

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My blog has been linked! I’m not really sure why, but theweddingtimes.com seemed to thing that this entry and this entry were of interest to the masses!

I wonder how they found me…

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Here is the list of people who can/can’t come.

Daphne & Ken
Aunt Pat
Mike & Wendy
Jessica & Chris
Lucia & Husband
Sean & Guest
Maria & Linda
Kim & Her Boyfriend
Bill & Jes

Mike & Patty – can’t
John D – Can’t b/c he might be out at sea somewhere
Jackie – Can’t b/c she will be IN GERMANY
Pam/Larry & Co. – Can’t
Geoff & Jess – Can’t
Matt – Can’t
Aunt Janet & Uncle Roger – Can’t

Haven’t Heard
Uncle Kenny (But I’m thinking it’s a no.)

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Chair Rentals

We went with Hank Parker Rental because they’ve worked with our venue before. My mom and I went there last week and checked out their show room. I expected something WAY different. The place was a little…unprofessional. I mean, they still have good prices, but I was not impressed. The guy who we talked to took forever to greet us, had dirty nails, and his shirt was stained. It looked like he was one of the delivery guys, not the showroom salesperson. *shrugs* I don’t know, maybe I’m just being snobby.

This is the kind of folding chair we’re getting for the ceremony.

This is the kind of chair cover we’re getting for the reception…although it really doesn’t look impressive from this picture. :-/

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Wedding Cake

I’ve been working with the wedding cake designer/baker at the Burgundy Basin, and I sent her over what I wanted the cake to look like. (Click here to see full sized image.)

She said that she didn’t know if she could do the knot design justice, but that she would try. We ordered a sample cake, and she did the design on it. It came out ok, but not as smooth as I’d hoped. I’m not sure how she would make it that smooth though. I’ll post pictures of it later.

The cake tasted good. It was maybe a little dry, but over all not bad. And I mean, we’re only paying $100 for this, so how could could we really expect it to be. John’s mom HATED it, which was a little annoying, but oh well. That didn’t stop her from eating half of it!

The cake topper arrived from the UK and it was A LOT smaller than I expected it to be! I’m thinking it will be ok though, because it’s so tall, but I wish it was thicker. Maybe if we add some flowers to the base it would be ok. I’ll have to play with it.

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